We are an architecture and planning firm committed to creating environments that inspire connection, collaboration, community and commerce.

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Lessard Design International

Lessard Design International is an architecture and planning firm committed to creating environments that inspire connection, collaboration, community and commerce. We have offices in Washington DC, Boston, and India.

Our understanding of the diverse global ethos is translated through design that is sensitive to cultural geographies, communities, traditions and values. Lessard Design International firm leaders have experience in nearly 20 countries with projects in the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The Lessard Design International team’s diverse expertise is reflected in the innovative and well controlled projects that are delivered to our clients. Our designs reflect a depth of knowledge and understand from marketability to functionality to aesthetic appeal. It is our goal to deliver projects that will further enhance the successful endeavors for our clients.


We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

Bank of Nanjing


Key Features:

R&D:  11,200 SM
R&D Center: 4,200 SM
France-Brazil Strategic: 1,800 SM
Disaster Preparedness Center: 4,000 SM
Training Sector: 20,050 SM
Training and Teaching Building: 5,640 SM
College Dormitory: 7,350 SM
Building for Experts and Teachers: 2,900 SM

Nanjing Software Park Comprehensive Service Center

  • Location: Nanjing, China
  • Client:

Key Features:

17,912 m2 of Administrative Office Space
6,252 m2 of Expansion Office Space
3,363 m2 Exhibition and Conference Space
5,559 m2 Reception Center
1,819 m2 Fitness Center
1,094 m2 Restaurant & Café Area

The Nanjing Software Park Comprehensive Service Center can be considered one of the most significant sites within the Nanjing Software Park West master plan. The function of the site plays a critical role in the advancement and success of the entire development. The architecture and design of the site will not only be dynamic and engaging, but it will also encompass the core development strategies of the Nanjing Software Park West.

Creating an extraordinary open space was a driving force in the site design. Not only was it important to ensure the majority of interior spaces were given views to nature and water, but it was also important to create an engaging landscaped environment for pedestrians.

The planned programming for the site considers two major functional categories. The first is the government administrative offices for the Nanjing Software Park West development. The programmed space is sized to meet the current needs of this office, as well as a small expansion in the future. A planned exhibition building, which links directly to the administrative office, provides a presentation and conference space for the administrative office.

Nanjing Zijin (Baixia District) Technology Entrepreneurship Community Core Area

  • Location: Nanjing, China
  • Client: Nanjing Baixia High-Tech Zone Investment & Development Co, Ltd

Key Features:

4,280,000 SF site
4 Incubator Office Buildings
4 Corporate Office Buildings
3 Accelerator Office Buildings
1 Hotel Tower with Conference Center
1 Entertainment Media Building
Ground Floor Retail
Street front and Pedestrian Mall

Lessard International, with China based architecture firm CTA, was awarded the design for a 4,280,000 square foot world-class innovation and entrepreneur office complex in Nanjing, China. The 11 buildings, including a 26 story hotel, range in height from 7 to 26 stories. Construction is anticipated to commence in fall, 2013. The Nanjing Zijin (Baxia) Technology Core will be designed with simple, contemporary forms to create a dynamic and renowned destination for sharing visionary ideas, technologies, creative and public spaces.

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Zijin (Gulou District) Technology Set-up Special Community

  • Location: Nanjing, China
  • Client: Nanjing Zijin(Gulou District) Technology Set-Up Special Community Constructing and Developing Company, LTD

Key Features:

193,373 m2 of Corporate and Laboratory Office Space
7,893 m2 of Commercial Space
8,393 m2 of Cafe and Exhibition Space
6,250 m2 of Outdoor / Green Space

Located in the center of pedestrian activity, Gulou was designed with people in mind. The sunken pedestrian plaza will connect the proposed subway line to retail and open space. The idea is to create a space that people enjoy to spend time in, a space that inspires them to reflect upon the beauty of life. The location and shape of this sunken plaza, which will closely follow in the successful space of San Marco Square, directs circulation along a desired path through the site. Encircled around this lively plaza are the accelerator and incubator buildings. Simple and elegant in design, they provide a pure back drop to San Marco plaza of technology. Situated towards the middle of the site along this proposed path is an iconic crystal that functions as an exhibition space and café. Surrounded by a sloping lawn on one side, it acts as a beacon in the center of the site drawing ones curiosity in. The crystal exhibition and café is sited along an exhibition promenade to its south, called the hall of ideas. This buffer between the stately corporate office buildings and the rest of the site acts as the link that ties them together. It is here that many will come to enjoy the festival-like street and encounter the brilliant and innovative ideas that are being developed at the Zijin technology set-up special community.

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Nanjing Software Park West Phase II

  • Location: Nanjing, China

Key Features:

Commercial Center
Connected “Life” & “Work” Nodes
Technology Intelligence Center

Nanjing Software Park West is a piece of the community’s emerging software city. The concept of “live, work, & play” has been realized through the creation of overlapping zones for each function. The two main zones are “life” and “work”, which feature offices and retail stores. The outer zones include residential and educational developments as well as transportation and open green space. These overlapping zones allow visitors, workers and residents to achieve maximum work-life balance.

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Hexi International Hospital

  • Location: Nanjing, China

Key Features:

140,550 M2 Gross Area
39,600 M2 Hospital Tower
43,950 M2 of General Healthcare Areas
57,000 M2 of Parking and Services

The Hexi International Hospital poses to be one of the premier general hospitals in Nanjing. The vision for the hospital necessitates employment of progressive design ideas that encapsulate both evidence based design in healthcare and sustainability to create a revolutionary healthcare paradigm that nurtures both the patient and the planet. It is imperative to create an environment that is about thriving and life, while at the same time creating an unparalleled patient experience. In conjunction with the hospitals operating goals, we sought a design in which the physical setting and the services create a healing environment and employ cutting edge technology.

Nanjing Software Park Accelerator

  • Location: Nanjing, China
  • Client: NJSP / Nanjing Government

Key Features:

50,280 m2 of Research and Development Office Space
1,705 m2 of Retail Space
5,753 m2 of Open/Green Space

Nanjing Software Park Accelerator is a site of approximately 11,750 square meters and it has a number of institutional buildings within it. Linking the technology site to nature became critical part of the design phase of the Software Park Accelerator, and therefore the buildings are oriented to face the Laotian Mountain landscape in the distance where the best landscape views are maximized for all three buildings. When spaces in the buildings do not have a visible line of sight to the mountains, views of the landscaped courtyards have been emphasized, and three types of green spaces were proposed: Public Open Spaces, Shared Indoor Green Space, and Shared Rooftop Green Space.

Pukou International R&D Park

  • Location: Nanjing, China

Key Features:

Mixed-Use Development
Multi-Modal Transit-Oriented Development
Organic Green Pedestrian Pathway

As a wing of Nanjing’s developing 4-site, high-tech cluster, the Pukou International Research and Development Park will play a vital role in building Nanjing’s brand as China’s pioneer software city. This mixed-use development features residential, retail, and office buildings. There are several modes of transportation for the area including bike paths, a subway system, and a pedestrian path. This long and winding path, known as the organic green connector, allows people to move about the site easily going from work to the beautiful lake running throughout the development and to other parts of the park.

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Ritz Carlton North Hills

  • Location: North Hills, Long Island, NY, USA
  • Client: RXR Realty


Business Center

The RITZ-CARLTON RESIDENCES, North Hills offers the exclusivity and privacy of a luxurious gated community with the only Five-Star lifestyle on the North Shore of Long Island, just 20 miles from Manhattan. The sprawling residences feature the legendary services of the world-renowned hotel company coupled with a stately 35,000 square foot clubhouse, encompassing world-class interiors a private health spa and fitness center, grand ballroom, wine tasting lounge, private dining rooms a club room, screening theater and board room.

Hill East Waterfront

  • Location: Washington, DC, USA
  • Client: Government of the District of Columbia / Hunt Development


Urban Design
Multiple Building Types
Multiple Building Sizes
Public Use / Common Areas
Sustainable Design Features

Hill East is a 67-acre waterfront mixed-use development designed to organize more than 3,000,000 SF of commercial, civic and residential uses on the east side of Capitol Hill around the green, open spaces of the Anacostia River. Inspired by the original planning vision of Washington DC, this project is a natural extension of the city’s evolution – reinforcing the vistas towards the water and creating new monument. Experts in redevelopment, renovation and adaptive re-use, Lessard designed the master plan and architecture for this major redevelopment project.

A fabric of diversity, this new neighborhood includes many different buildings and living opportunities. Housing types range from the traditional Capitol Hill townhouse to small, medium, and large multi-family buildings, some developed with retail at the ground level. Other retail, institutional and office uses blend seamlessly with the residential areas of the community in material and scale to provide convenience of location. With mixed uses and easy Metro accessibility, the neighborhood is inviting to residents from all walks of life.


Trump Plaza

  • Location: New Rochelle, NY, USA
  • Client: Cappelli Enterprises and The Trump Organization


Urban Design
Commercial and Office
Retail and Parking
Multiple Building Types/Sizes
Public Use / Common Areas
Sustainable Design Features

Trump Plaza is an iconic component in New Rochelle’s comprehensive plan for revitalization, situated on a downtown 1.9 acre site. The project features a 32-story high-rise tower of 149,600 square feet with a total of 181 residential units on 30 floors, street accessible retail located on the first 2 floors and an underground parking facility with 240 spaces for residential use. Parking for the retail space is provided by a pedestrian bridge that connects to an adjacent municipal parking garage. In addition, the building’s design incorporates façade treatments, landscaping, building placement and varied building heights to enhance and compliment the character of the commercial area.

TRUMP PLAZA stands as an elegant piece of sculpture, combining large glass planes with two shades of peach and pink precast concrete. The unit layouts are outstanding, offering quality livability combined with incredible views of the city, the river, the sky, and beautiful sunsets. 75% of the units were spoken for well ahead of the building’s completion. In short, it has become the place to live in New Rochelle.


  • Location: Prince George’s County, MD, USA
  • Client: National Maryland Capital Park & Planning Commission and various developers

Multi-use plan covering 6,000 acres. Includes 710,000 retail sq. ft., 15,300 residential units and 4,650,000 employment sq. ft. The major focus of the Westphalia Comprehensive Concept Plan was to provide an updated vision, coordination and detailed guidance for a 6,000 acre high density mixed-use development with a unified, pedestrian-friendly community and significant public infrastructure. Winding through the community is an extensive network of beautiful residential, commercial, educational, and recreational facilities that are combined with natural open spaces, parkways and pathways; linking the community.

Trump Parc

  • Location: Stamford, CT, USA
  • Client: Cappelli Enterprises, F.D. Rich Company and The Trump Organization


Urban Design
Public Use / Common Areas
Sustainable Design Features

TRUMP PARC is a 35-story, 170-unit luxury waterfront condominium tower developed by Donald Trump and Cappelli Enterprises. The tower offers waterfront views and luxurious living, setting a new standard in the Stamford skyline. Chris Lessard designed both the architecture and the interiors for this development which also includes 6 duplex penthouses and luxurious amenities including a lushly landscaped terrace, indoor swimming pool, full-service health club, party room, library, billiard room and screening rooms. This beautiful tower is sheathed with a sleek all-glass curtain wall that brings an elegant contemporary architectural expression to the city. Trump Parc, opened in fall 2009, is the tallest building in Stamford and the second tallest residential building in the state of Connecticut.

AN EXCITING, NEW BUILDING IN STAMFORD, residents enjoy the seventh, amenity-rich floor of the building that includes a landscaped deck, an indoor swimming pool, a full-service health club, a club room, library, a billiard room and screening rooms. This building also offers some remarkable views of Long Island Sound and the location is only a few blocks from the Main Stamford Metro North Train Station.

Atlantic Station

  • Location: Stamford, CT, USA
  • Client: Cappelli Enterprises and Ritz-Carlton


Urban Design
Multiple Building Types
Multiple Building Sizes
Public Use / Common Areas
Sustainable Design Features
Historic Significance

Atlantic Station is a mixed-use development which converted the former post office on Atlantic Street in Stamford, CT into a retail center with two high-rise apartment complexes. The “north tower” will have 21 floors, and the “south tower” 29 floors, housing a total of 650 residential units. At the base of the towers and in the converted former post office, 40,600 square feet of retail including a specialty market, coffee shop, shoe repair business and dry cleaners which will turn the area into a shopping center.

Westchester Pavilion

  • Location: White Plains, NY
  • Client: Urstadt/Biddle Properties

Key Features:

765,610 SF of Retail Space
765 Residential Units
133,550 SF of Retail Space
67,110 SF of Hotel Space

Located just 25 miles north of Manhattan, Westchester Pavilion is a mixed- use community located in White Plains, NY. The site consists of 765,610 SF of residential space, 67,110 SF of hotel space and 133, 550 SF of retail. The 765 residential units range from 820 to 1000 SF in size.


  • Location: Loudoun County, VA, USA
  • Client: Chantilly Crushed Stone

Key Features

Two Sites, 332 Acres
3,789,000 SF of Office
3,309,000 SF of Residential
1,154,000 SF of Commercial
430,000 SF of Office Flex
300,000 SF of Public/Civic Use

Waterside is split across 2 sites totaling 332 acres. The mixed-use project will incorporate commercial and retail spaces, as well as residential and office areas. 3.79 million SF will be devoted to office space, 3.3 million SF will be residential, and approximately 1.15 million SF will consist of of commercial and retail units.

Riverbend Metropolitan Waterfront

  • Location: Sayreville, NJ, USA
  • Client: East West Partners


430 Acres
Embassy Suites
400 Guest Rooms
Hampton Inn
250 Guest Rooms
Great Wolf Lodge
400 Guest Rooms
Residential Units
Business Center
Conference Facilities
Meeting Rooms
Exhibition Space

Riverbend Metropolitan is a unique community boasting a blend of residential, entertainment, sports, shopping and dining. The architectural character of the site optimizes the visual and physical connection to the Raritan River. Primary building orientation will allow view corridors to the river, to distant skylines and regional landmarks.

The riverfront experience is energized with publicly accessible spaces such as the river front promenade, marinas, restaurants, cafes, outdoor pavilions, amphitheaters, bicycle and pedestrian trails connected to pockets of landscaped plazas. The plans call for the installation of a bulkhead to allow for the required site capping, to protect the redeveloped area from erosion and to ensure that the marsh and ecologically sensitive water’s edge be preserved in their natural state. The waterfront experience is extended inland by introducing a marina basin that cuts into a portion of the site allowing access for small boats. The project streetscape is enhanced by wide pedestrian sidewalks with integrated spaces and promenades for retail storefronts and outdoor dining spaces.

Prince Fahad Bin Salman Charitable Association

  • Location: Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Client: Arriyadh Development Authority


36,450m2 (393,000 SF) of low-rise office buildings on two sites
Institutional and Government Offices
Retail / Restaurant / Cafe Spaces
Commercial Office Space

This project involves the development of buildings on two separate sites within the prestigious Diplomatic Quarter section of the capital of Saudi Arabia. These buildings provide space for several distinct types of tenants: institutional/governmental tenants, commercial office tenants, and retail/restaurant/café tenants. The $27 million development provides space for the consolidation of the personnel and resources of the Prince Fahad Bin Salman Charitable Association for Renal Failure Patients Care. Both sites are being developed by the Arriyadh Development Authority, a prominent agency of the national government. Lessard provided programming, site planning, architecture, interior design, landscape design and interior space planning for these two sites.

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We believe in a diverse range of personnel to bring skills, thoughts, and ideas to the table.

The Lessard Design International team, with a staff of over 200, provides services across the United States as well as the Middle East, China, and India regional markets. The firm and its leaders have experience working in nearly 20 countries with projects in the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Chris Lessard

Chris Lessard

PRESIDENT & CEO | AIA View Details
Liviu Marza

Liviu Marza

Vice President / Chief Architect International Associate AIA, LEED AP View Details


Principal | AIA, APA View Details
Luz Del Mar Rosado

Luz Del Mar Rosado

Project Manager View Details
Ulises Montes De Oca

Ulises Montes De Oca

Design Director | Associate AIA View Details
Rado Ivanov

Rado Ivanov

Design Director | AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C View Details
Chris Lessard

Chris Lessard


Chris Lessard is the founding Principal of Lessard Design and is a registered architect in 18 US states (the District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Illinois, Texas, and Nevada).

He is recognized nationally and internationally as a design innovator, which can be partly attributed to his uncanny ability to recognize and understand market trends. Chris Lessard’s continuing success is evidenced by the more than 450 national and local awards he has received.

Lessard has designed master plans for the multi-phase communities — including town centers comprised of retail, office, hotel and public amenities — as well as the architectural design for individual mixed-use, residential, and retail buildings.

In response to a growing international demand for the firm’s award-winning architectural and planning services, Mr. Lessard has expanded the firm’s practice overseas to Central Asia and the Middle East. The firm has an office strategically located in Ahmedabad, India, and has recently been awarded projects in Nanjing, China and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In addition to Lessard’s high-rise building and resort projects, the firm is able to provide high-density residential design solutions that work well in these countries’ heavily-populated cities. Lessard’s expertise in planning urban projects offer developing markets the advantage of the firm’s experience.

Liviu Marza

Liviu Marza

Vice President / Chief Architect International Associate AIA, LEED AP

Liviu Marza is the Vice President of Lessard International. His portfolio of work spans the globe with projects in Beijing, Nanjing, Las Vegas, Boston and Munich. His projects have won acclaim and have been published in the New York Times, Boston Globe and in “Architecture and Design – New Ideas in America” by Beverly Russell. Mr. Marza’s passion and ability to negotiate large and complex completed projects makes him a leader in the architectural design world.



Principal | AIA, APA

Jerry Simon, Principal, is a licensed architect in 6 states (California, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Connecticut) and has over 15 years of experience in Mixed-Use, Mid-Rise, High-Rise and Multi-Family development. He has a unique understanding of the design process; from the dual perspective of both the developer and architect. He maintains hands-on involvement in all aspects of projects from inception through completion.

As head of the firm’s multi-family residential department, he is responsible for directing project teams and working closely with clients. Simon is also an integral part in identifying new business opportunities in the northeast and mid-Atlantic region. In his previous position, he successfully managed over 20,000 multi-family units in California.

Luz Del Mar Rosado

Luz Del Mar Rosado

Project Manager

Luz Del Mar Rosado, has more than 16 years of experience in architecture and design. She earned her B.S. in Architecture from Catholic University of America, and her Masters of Architecture from Virginia Tech College of Architecture and Urban Studies. As Project Manager of Lessard International, Luz is responsible for leading the team in creative and innovative design while maintaining the integrity and quality of the intended design throughout the life of a project.

Ulises Montes De Oca

Ulises Montes De Oca

Design Director | Associate AIA

Ulises Montes De Oca’s more than 15 years of design experience includes mixed-use, residential, retail, office and hotel developments. His knowledge spans all phases of design and planning, as well as construction administration and team management. Ulises depth of experience includes market analysis, multi-family programming and land planning for environments ranging from dense urban settings to suburban and rural communities.

SELECTED PROJECT EXPERIENCE: Trump Plaza, New Rochelle, New York (US // Nanjing Zijin (Baixia) Technology Core Area
Nanjing, China // National Harbor Waterfront, Prince George’s County, Maryland (US) // Nanjing Zijin (Gulou) Technology Core Area, Nanjing, China // Town Center East, Konterra, Laurel, Maryland (US) // Hexi International Hospital, Nanjing, China

Rado Ivanov

Rado Ivanov

Design Director | AIA, NCARB, LEED AP BD+C

Rado Ivanov has more than 17 years of strong and progressive design experience from small-scale interior projects to multi-million dollar mixed-use and retail developments. Focused, disciplined, dedicated, and detail oriented, Rado has solid organizational, planning, and problem-solving skills. He received his Master of Architecture degree in Europe and worked for firms in Bulgaria, Canada and the United States. His projects spread from the mountain resorts in the Rockies, through the US and the Caribbean to Europe and the Middle East. Rado’s excellent interpersonal, communication, 3D modeling and presentation skills allow him to effectively work with clients and outside consultants to convey the impact of design alternatives and negotiate agreements.

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Interactions between people are one of the most influential aspects in day to day life. The creation of great spaces can foster these interactions.


The principal objective with zero-impact planning is to create a self-sufficient development in order to reduce added strain on the planet’s delicate ecosystem. Buildings should be sited so as to minimize the environmental impact and preserve open space, as well as wildlife habitats.


Lessard understands that transit-oriented design can enhance social and economic connections and create more livable, vibrant cities. We design fully connected networks by carefully studying various types of transportation grids including water, bus, rail, bicycle, and pedestrian pathways.


Building designs must respond to local climates and ecosystems in order to become an extension of the existing bionetwork and culture. Lessard International implements passive design strategies tailored to respond to local climatic conditions and reduce a building’s carbon footprint.


Vegetated open space can be used to solve a number of environmental issues resulting from developments such as overloaded stormwater systems, heat island effect, large heating and cooling loads on buildings, and vanishing wildlife habitats. Open space can also provide green nodes for community recreation, relaxation, entertainment and interaction.


As one of the planet’s key elements, water is both a fundamental life-giving source, and part of human spirit and culture. Lessard International examines the spiritual potential of water as well as the many strategies that can be used to preserve it. From a project’s conception, we identify existing drainage ways and wetlands in order to maintain or enhance them to handle additional run-off from impervious surfaces.


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